The New House of Pima

  • we make sustainable high quality knitwear

  • we use peruvian legendary and noble fibers

  • we respect our community and our environment

About us

House of Pima is a company specialized in knitwear manufacturing with many years of experience, we design, manufacture and export, innovating and providing a sustainable product for our customers, developing a positive impact in our community and cooperating with the preservation of our beloved planet.

we are

Founded and led by women HOP is a collective of creative professionals. Our team coordinates, organizes and manages every step of production, with experienced professionals in fashion, management, development, customer service, planning and quality control. Our compromise is offering our customers, high quality garments, utilizing peruvian noble filers and following processes that preserve and protect our environment

Our Mission

HOP's mission is offering to our customers a sustainable product, promoting the use of natural fibers, natural dyes, and organic and sustainable processes for all our products. We cooperate as well in an organic and transparent process, with our knitters. Over the years, we have trained them, to achieve high quality standards, creating valuable relationships of trust and respect, and cooperating with their economic and social development.

Knitting is our passion

Our product

Knitting is our passion. Styles in different gauges blends, stitches, lightweight and chunkies, jacquards, multi colored intarsias and pointelles are just a small description of our capabilities. Our knitting services, who are an organic part of our sustainability commitment work with manual and electronic machines, and our organized knitting group works with crochet and stick

the studio

Design is the soul of our business. Design is our strength and uniqueness. Each customer enters to our company as a new project, and all the styles are processed as future items for a runway. Each season represents a new challenge. We are always researching and developing new trends using diverse knitting techniques, creating new stitches and introducing new techniques and blends in the market. HOP's basis are all around fashion.

Our Heritage

The legendary history of our country is a source of inspiration. Surrounded by mysticism, colorful nature and magnificent landscapes, ancient Peruvian natives, created extraordinary textiles, representing Inca Empire's splendor using various sustainable techniques that currently, still alive. We pride ourselves on creating wonderful garments utilizing the finest Peruvian materials for our clients around the world.

We use peruvian legendary and noble fibers.

Sustainability commitment

We promote products created by artisans and we help to organize knitting facilities in order to meet fair-labor standards.

These standards include fair wages, safe working conditions, medical insurance, job training, empowerment and transparency.

We promote their personal development, generating new sources of income, for them and their families.

We promote the use of natural fibers, natural dyes, and organic and sustainable processes, protecting this way, our planet.

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